Teacher’s Corner

Teacher’s Corner

Getting to know the teachers

Short Bio’s

Traci Nietling

She is in her fourth year with Sycamore Academy and has taught Science, English, Art and Bible.

She earned her degree at Northwestern Michigan College, operated her own daycare and preschool, and home-schooled her children. 


” She is passionate about teaching, encouraging children to have a relationship with Jesus Christ “

Sycamore Teachers

Try to meet the needs of each student, whether it’s self-paced or its as a class teachers try to let each student maximize their learning time.

< between teachers we will have some info like this>

Teacher Name

Brief Bio – 50 words or less

Each teacher will have a keep reading tab where they can put a class orientation or schedule or ways of contact, that info can/will be password protected with FirstnameLastinitial2021! of the teacher.


Keep Reading

“Stance on Jesus or Educational Philosophy”