I was probably born to be a teacher. My mom remembers me lining all my dolls up to teach them what I learned in school each day.

When I reached the ripe old age of 12, my dad required me to begin work in the family business--he sold farm machinery and tractor parts. He always gave me all the filing jobs, telling me it was one of the most important parts of the office, but how I longed to do something else! In any case, every day away from school was spent in the office. His secretaries took pity on me and taught me other things as well, but I still liked working with people better than paper.

In my junior year of high school, I met this handsome "college man" who was at the time on a date with one of my friends. He was attending the University of California at Long Beach majoring in Sociology. I soon was attending Pomona College where I also majored in Sociology (any influence there?). When I graduated in 1964, we were married.

After graduation, all I knew was that I was tired of tractors and office work and Bill and I wanted a little adventure in our lives. We had a friend who had taught school in Columbia. She put us in touch with the organization and we ended up teaching two years there. Bill taught first and seventh grade (even though he was hired to teach high school). I taught Kindergarten and first grade. I had 38 students in my first class, and only five spoke English. Talk about a challenge! But I loved it! All that time with my dolls started to pay off!

When we returned to California, we began teaching immediately due to a teacher shortage. At that point, we decided to obtain teaching credentials. I taught for two years until Rebecca came along, then decided she was more important than teaching. Bill went on to become a public school administrator with credentials in elementary and secondary education, reading specialist, bi-lingual teaching, and school administration.

We soon had two more children, David and Elisabeth. I decided not to send Rebecca to school because she already could read at a second grade level at five years old. We were having so much fun so I just kept on teaching the kids at home. Soon friends started asking how they could do it, too. We started Sycamore Academy in 1981 in order to help others homeschool. The name came from the story of Zaccheus and you know why he was up in that tree...

Sycamore Academy was the first school and catalog specifically for homeschoolers in the nation. We would like to invite you to enroll your children in our K-12 homeschool program.  Credentialed teachers help you choose curriculum, monitor your program and send you 60 to 80 pages of enrichment and help (for grades K-8, slightly smaller for high school) each month. Our fees are reasonable. We charge a monthly tuition fee per family rather than per child. Sycamore Academy also offers school online for grades 3-12. Call our office or click on the link to find out more information about Sycamore Academy The best part is that you may use a combination of online and traditional classes.

We consider Sycamore Academy to be a ministry to you. We carefully select our materials for academic excellence, spiritual influence, and value per dollar. We reduce the price on items whenever we can. Each year we review hundreds of items, choosing only the best to share with you. We use Philippians 4:8 as our guide in reviewing materials. We frequently add or delete items on your recommendations. Our materials do not necessarily reflect the religious beliefs of Sycamore Academy, or its staff. "Consumable" means that the item is to be written in by your child and may not be reproduced. Therefore you will need to order one per child. "Reproducible" means that you may copy pages for members of your family or for a class, but not for a whole school or for other families. You may also use a reproducible book as a workbook.

Orders are shipped from our warehouse, enabling us to give you excellent service. Our goal is to ship all orders within 3 working days from the time we receive your request, but most go out within 24 hours. UPS takes up to 6 working days to deliver your order. Please allow extra time during the months of August and September. We have an 800 number for ordering and you may use it from all 50 states! It is operational 24 hours a day. During our office hours, Monday through Thursday 9 to 5 Pacific Time, you will talk to one of our lovely customer service reps. At other times you may leave your order on an electronic answering system or FAX it to us. Please use the 800 number for ordering only. If you need school or enrollment help, call Sycamore Academy at (817) 645-0895. Please visit our online catalog as well. Our software is secured to protect your credit card.

Our office in Keene, Texas is open Monday through Thursday from 10 AM to 5 PM for you to browse and choose materials and save shipping and handling charges.

Don't forget to order gifts and gift certificates for your friends or family. Just send us a check or money order with the name and address of the person to receive the gift and we will send it to them with your name on it as the presenter and a special message if you wish. Some families give gift certificates to their children for birthday and Christmas presents.

If you want to save money, order with friends. When you place an order over $500 to be delivered within the United States or its territories, we will ship it free. Free shipping cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

It is our prayer that you will find our services helpful. We desire to see your academic program strengthened and your children have greater interest in learning more about God, His world, and His love for us. May God richly bless you as you seek to fulfill His will in your life and as you cooperate with Him in restoring a Christlike character in your child.

Sandy Gogel

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