Founders, William B. Gogel and Sandra L Gogel

William B. Gogel, has taught most grade levels in both public and private schools, served as a bilingual resource teacher and a public school administrator. He holds an Administrative Credential, A Secondary Credential, an Elementary Credential, a Reading Specialist Credential, and a Bilingual Competency Certificate.

Sandra L. Gogel, Co-director, has taught Kindergarten and First Grade in public and private schools and home-schooled her kids. She holds an Elementary Credential and is a Kindergarten/Pre-School Specialist.

Mission Statement

Sycamore Academy fosters a culture of learning that encourages students to persevere, inspires academic and personal excellence, and offers committed support to their families.

About Sycamore Academy

Sycamore Academy was incorporated in California in 1982, and provides homeschool educational services to students in grades K-12 all over the world. All Sycamore Academy teachers have credentials and/or a masters in the subject they teach.

With Sycamore Academy text-based homeschool program, we will guide you through the teaching process. With our assistance, you can teach your child in grades K-12. Your student will excel with the one-on-one attention received in the home-classroom setting. Our credentialed teachers will monitor your student's work each quarter to ensure he or she is getting the education he or she deserves. We provide student ID cards, annual standardized tests, official transcripts, high school diplomas and more through the regular, text-based, homeschool program.

Sycamore Academy Online allows your student to work anytime, anywhere. Your child will do his or her school work on the computer each day and then connect with our server to upload the work. All grading and tracking will be done by our teachers. Just think--no lesson plans, no grading, no hassle! Enrollments are accepted at any time during the school year--even for high school students. Our highly qualified teachers grade your student's work and respond with personalized academic assistance. We offer student ID cards, official transcripts, high school diplomas, and more through our online school. You may also use a combination of traditional curriculum and the online school.

All Sycamore Academy teachers have credentials and/or a masters in the subject they teach.

We also have a catalog of curriculum for students in grades pre-K through grade 12.Families enrolled in Sycamore Academy receive a 10% discount on individual catalog items. Click here to get a copy of our printed catalog. Click here to browse and shop for a variety of educational curriculum.

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